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Beat Streuli: BXL

Laurent Busine
Katerina Gregos

English / French / German
July 2008
ISBN: 978-3-905829-79-2
Hardcover, 284 x 274 mm
168 pages
Images 98 color
CHF 60 / EUR 40 / £ 25 / US 55

Erna Hécey Gallery is pleased to announce the publication of Beat Streuli's BXL by Jrp-ringier Publishers.

Streuli's central motif is the urban environment and its inhabitants. But his photographs are neither documentary nor conceptual: rather they lead us to a form of aesthetics that one could describe as the "glamour of the usual."

In this publication he has reunited a new series of images taken in Brussels. Large-scale portraits of passerby and inhabitants of the city compel the viewer to look at the European capital as a metropol, whose melting-pot is forging our new cultural identity.

Published with MAC's, Grand Hornu, Belgium.

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